Hello there!

Hi, I’m a Malaysian student bound for Japan in a few weeks to pursue Mechanical Engineering under the JPA (Government) scholarship. Thought of starting this blog to share my experiences with everyone else, hoping that the information shared here will be able to help others in need of it 🙂 Before going for PLKN/college etc. I’d usually read up on other people’s experience expressed through their personal blogs or any information I can get from the Internet. aaaand it kinda helped me through my doubts, and also gave me an insight on whatever I was about to take up. So, I thought in return it’d be great to return the favor by doing so as well. After about a year of procrastinating, I’m finally putting an effort to start! Hope you’ll be able to pardon my future grammatical errors/usage of super simple vocab (because I think my vocab is very limited).

//hope that I’ll be able to keep up with this blog too, to update it once a while//


Here we goooo



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