What’s next after SPM?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably recently completed SPM and got your results! Hm so what’s next?

For me, I applied for as many scholarships as I could at that time, hoping that I would be accepted by either one of the sponsors. I greatly relied on the Internet and this higher education advising website – Afterschool to search for the scholarships available. The website clearly lists out the requirements and deadlines you have to meet in order to apply for them. afterschoolI’d recommend you to:

  • prepare your personal CV as some of the applications require them //yes, you can boast about your involvement in extra co-curriculum activities throughout high school as much as you can there hahah// aand it might come in handy in the future as well so why not
  • prepare a scanned passport photo of yourself
  • certify your results and necessary documents all in one go (for all the scholarships you’ve applied to) to avoid annoying your school teacher. You might want to prepare a few extra copies too just in case
  • carefully jot down all the deadlines and always be alert for replies (as some scholarships will have different stages of interviews and online tests)
  • ONE LAST VERY IMPORTANT POINT: remember to check for the results of the scholarship application yourself if it’s stated so!!! (it caused me a loooot of trouble to do everything at the last minute)

This is really brief but I hope that it helps!

All the best yo



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